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Stay tuned. We're growing for new markets.

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Stay tuned. We're growing for new markets.

Coming soon

Welcome to Essentum Finance

We’re online brokering office connecting real people to real solutions. Our job is to bring the right options for people whom need help for refinancing their debts.

Currently we operate only in Finland and Norway. However, growing for new markets is something what we’re preparing continually.




Fill out our quick and simple online application to consolidate your debt.

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Wait for us bringing the best options for you. Refinance debt and save money!

What is Essentum Finance?

Essentum Finance introduces customers to Oy Salus Group AB and it's part of Essentum Company in Finland. We don't make loan decisions or act as a loan provider.

We operate in Nordic Countries. Our mission is bringring the real solutions in front of you.

With Essentum Finance you can apply for refinancing loans by filling in only one application online.